‘Hide & Seek’ at the Groninger Museum

A flourishing and thriving circus moment in design

Charcoal furniture, made from burning furniture pieces and layering with a transparent sheet of epoxy to let the pieces be used across homes, forms one of the key design ideologies of a new exhibition by young artist/designer Maarten Baas at the Groninger Museum in Netherlands. At the exhibition, there are also grandfather clocks, a colourful Circus design arrangement inclusive of a fairground and an exploration of Maarten’s own love/hate relationship with Milan’s design atmospheres, and a wooden furniture collection called ‘Carapace’, which is basically wooden pieces enslaved in metal, to exude the appearance of hard-shelled animals, who come with their own protective armour of sorts. Furthermore, a look at what’s coming up is also a part of the design programme, and it includes a collaboration tackling the problems in drawing a line inbetween opinions and news, as well as fiction and cold hard facts.

Maarten Baas’ collaborates with Lensvelt for his next design presentation

In Interiors: The Lost City of Pompeii

Pompeii at ‘Achille Salvagni Atelier’

In a new London exhibition focusing on the histories of Rome, Achille Salvagni (architect/designer), recognized for his work with Roman themes explores Pompeii – the lost city. The exhibition is entirely an effort on furnitures and he evokes colours found in the architectural surroundings of Italy’s ancient city into his creations. The colours were particularly of a demure shade of earthy reds and blues, amongst others and he also incorporated into his interiors the lost town’s history and the slim lines of the fresco (a kind of mural painting) on the monument, ‘Tomb of the Diver’.

Everything at the atelier is handmade in Rome.

An American Mid-Century Bedroom

An American Mid-Century Bedroom


The ‘Living Room’ Project

The 'Living Room' Project


A Picnic Basket

A Picnic Basket


A Classic Dining Room

A Classic Dining Room


A Bistro Dining Experience

A Bistro Dining Experience