Marinated Barbecue Chicken

Barbecue chicken
Barbecued chicken.

Marinated barbecue chicken is a great dish to eat during the summer because it calls for barbecuing in your backyard. The ingredients which you require to make the chicken are as follows: four chicken thighs, salt, pepper, paprika powder, turmeric powder, mashed ginger and mashed garlic.

Firstly, make the marinade: add salt, pepper, mashed ginger, mashed garlic, paprika powder and turmeric powder to a bowl; mix the ingredients with some water. Secondly, add the chicken thighs to the bowl and mix it well with the marinade; refrigerate the thighs for three hours with the marinade. Thirdly, add the chicken thighs to the barbecue; barbecue the thighs properly on all sides until golden brown. Finally, take a saucepan, pour the marinade in it and boil it into a sauce. Serve the marinated barbecue chicken with the sauce and a bowl of rice.



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Lemonade is a very easy drink to make; it’s also the perfect drink to have on hot days. The ingredients which you will require to make lemonade are as follows: ten lemons, ice cubes, five cups of water and one cup sugar. Firstly, squeeze the lemons in a cooking pot to take the juice out. Secondly, add the sugar plus the water to the pot and boil the mix; after the sugar in the mix has dissolved, let it cool for a while. After the lemonade has cooled, serve it with ice cubes.

Spring Vases

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The best vases to get

This spring, get a vase to house fresh flowers inside your home; it will, in my outlook, evoke the spirit of the present season indoors.

Poole Pottery Flare Asymmetrical Bean Vase at John Lewis
This vase’s coat, in my outlook, slightly resembles the universe and features colors such as dark red, orange plus cerulean; the vase has been manufactured in the United Kingdom from English clay.

Serax Cactus Vase at John Lewis
This vase has been designed in the shape of a thorny cactus; also, it is green in color.

Parastone for John Beswick Lowry ‘Coming from the Mill’ Vase at John Lewis
This vase features a beautiful painting made by Laurence Stephen Lowry (in 1930); the painting is titled ‘Coming from the Mill’ and it portrays people – workers in factories, plus buildings.

Floral Kimono Vase (Blue/White) at One Kings Lane
This blue/white vase has been designed in the shape of a kimono; the kimono has four fastening points and features butterflies, flowers plus leaves.


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The best planters to get

The best planters in the market, this season, can both beautify your home and store plus display plants inside your house.

Celestial Hyacinth Hanging Planter at Urban Outfitters
This hanging planter has a braided container inside a circle which is inside another circle that is bigger in size. The planter is made from water hyacinth plus rattan and it hangs from twine; its design was influenced by the moon’s actions.

Rattan Plant Stand at Urban Outfitters
This plant stand is made entirely from rattan. It has three panels and each panel is arched at the top plus the bottom. The plant stand also includes three rattan planters and each rattan planter has four loops.

Tessie Hanging Planter Holder at Urban Outfitters
This hanging planter has a stripey design (the design includes the colors cream plus white) and it hangs from four lines of plastic beads.

Ferris Wheel Planter at Pottery Barn
This planter is made from sheet metal. It is designed in the shape of a ferris wheel and includes six pots for plants.; the planter is handmade.

Pork Fillets and Brown Rice

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Brown rice is a healthy alternative to white rice. However, eating it (with pork fillets during lunch or dinner) will not mean compromising on taste. The ingredients which you will need to make the dish ‘pork fillets and brown rice’ are as follows: three pork fillets, two onions, two carrots, three tomatoes, cooking oil, salt, white pepper, oregano, mashed ginger, mashed garlic and brown rice.

Firstly, slice the onions, carrots and tomatoes. Secondly, boil water in a pot and add brown rice, carrots plus tomatoes to it; cook well. Secondly, add cooking oil to a frying pan and cook the pork fillets with salt, white pepper, oregano, mashed ginger, mashed garlic and onions; make sure the pork fillets have browned well. Add portions of the brown rice plus the pork fillets to a dinner plate and serve the dish hot.

Smoked Salmon and Linguine


Smoked salmon with linguine is a healthy option for main meals because the dish contains fish. It is also very simple to make. The ingredients which you will require to make the dish are as follows: store-bought smoked salmon (for example: Bumble Bee Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil), a packet of linguine (for example: De Cecco Linguine Fini), cooking oil, two garlic cloves, three onions, two green chilies and grated cheddar cheese.

Firstly, boil a pot of water and add the linguine to it. When the linguine has cooked, drain the water and keep the linguine on a plate. Secondly, slice the smoked salmon into strips. Thirdly, dice the garlic cloves plus slice the onions and green chilies; also, cook the three ingredients in oil. Finally, when the mix has grown tender, add the smoked salmon slices to it and cook for a few minutes. Garnish the plate of linguine with grated cheddar cheese and serve it with the smoked salmon.

Cheap Kitchen Mats

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The best cheap kitchen mats to get

This spring, the best cheap kitchen mats are anti-slip; add one to the kitchen in your house to make the space more personal.

Peppermint Bark Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features the recipe of a sweet called ‘Peppermint Bark’. The recipe has been written using red and white chalks upon a blackboard; the mat also includes illustrations of candy canes and snowflakes.
Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features an illustration with a rustic subject matter and is quite colorful: there are wine bottles, wine glasses (filled with wine), bread plus red and green grapes in the illustration.
Brookwood Comfort Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat is very colorful. It features illustrations of red, orange, yellow and green chilies, plus tiny triangles in colors such as blue, red and green. There are also stripes on the mat in shades such as red and green.
Rivard Utensils Season with Love Kitchen Mat at Wayfair
This kitchen mat features illustrations of wooden kitchen utensils, a whisk, a red and beige chequered cloth plus a cookbook (with a cover that includes a red and white gingham print plus golden illustrations of a cooking pot and a gravy serving dish).