Top 5 Mexican Street Foods

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Which Mexican street food is the greatest?

There are many kinds of Mexican street foods. But, in my outlook, the best street foods are always ones which contain either meat or cheese because I love the two ingredients more than vegetables; even though I strive to always include vegetables in the foods I eat daily, I am not as big a fan of eating vegetables as either meat or cheese. My picks of the best Mexican street foods:

  1. Fajita: fajitas are basically tortilla wraps with fillings, such as meat, cheese or vegetables.
  2. Burrito: burritos are tortilla wraps, as well, with fillings, such as meat, beans or cheese.
  3. Tacos: tacos are tortilla wraps with fillings, such as meat, cheese or vegetables, and at times a hot sauce.
  4. Nachos: nachos are basically tortilla chips that are smothered with cheese.
  5. Quesadillas: quesadillas are warmed up tortillas with fillings of cheese.




Glow is a web television series. It is a comedy and a fictionalized portrayal of a successful professional wrestling promotion which used to air during the eighties; the promotion was called ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ and it had only female performers. What makes Glow interesting is that the professional wrestling promotion is portrayed to have begun simply as an amateur production which was managed by a ruined film director but then it found great success; also, quite interesting about the television series are the lives that these women which are part of the promotion lead (expect appearance of an ex-friend, finding of infidelity, plus more) and the pretty costumes which they wear.

The TV Corner

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How to decorate a corner in your house meant for watching television

Decorating around a television is not hard, even if you have only got a corner in a house to spare for that. You use one wall of the corner for your television – just place it on a corner TV stand, and keep the other wall empty but place a few potted plants on the floor.

Antoinette Loveseat at Wayfair
The loveseat has a beautiful red and gold upholstery, along with magnificent carved designs on the wood; it can seat two people – perfect for a couple.

Kate Spade New York ‘words of wisdom’ accent pillow at Nordstrom
Get two cushions from this range – each of the cushions in it feature an expression, and plop both on the loveseat; get the navy one bearing the expression ‘Lean on me’ and the picnic green one bearing the expression ‘This is the life’.

Seiko Starry Night Melodies in Motion Wall Clock at Hayneedle
A very beautiful brown musical clock that has plenty of Swarovski crystals – place it on the wall and right above your television set.

Kitsch Kitchen Set of 3 Bird Planters at Trouva
The three planters can be used to house your favorite plants; it comes in three separate colors: black, white and orange and features a design by Ingela P. Arrhenius of birds and leaves.

Carrot Fritters

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How to make carrot fritters to eat as snacks

Carrot fritters are great as vegetarian snacks and also really simple to make. What you will need to make them are the following: four carrots, two red chilies, two eggs, two tsp. lemon juice, three tsp. flour, cooking oil and salt to taste.

To prepare the fritters, at first, chop the red chilies. The take a food processor and place the carrots in it to chop the carrots into thin slices. Following that, take a big bowl and throw into it the carrots, chilies, flour, lemon juice and salt. Then, mix the ingredients together well and make flat circles out of the mix by using your hands – the circles should not look like they will fall apart in the next step.

Add cooking oil to a frying pan and drop the circles into the oil. Fry them on both sides until they have fried well. Serve the carrot fritters hot.

A Dark Reading Space

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How to decorate a reading space with dark-colored interiors

A reading space in a house provides the reader with the sanctuary that he or she needs to read in total peace and quiet. If you have an off-center taste, then use dark colored furniture pieces to decorate it.

Capewood Bookcase With Sliding Glass Doors at Target
The bookcase has glass doors and four shelves to keep books on; choose the red colored one for your reading space.

J77 chair, black at Finnish Design Shop
The chair has been manufactured out of solid beech and is nicely simple; it celebrates Scandinavian design – get a single one to accompany a desk.

Lennox Writing Desk, Ebony at One Kings Lane
The writing desk is black in color and old-fashioned in design; it also features contrasting silver hardware – use the desk (and the chair) to take out books from the bookshelf and read in comfort.

No. 2 Viennese Footrest from Josef Jaworek, 1870s at Pamono
I liked this vintage ottoman because of its color combination – red and brown, and also its snake-like design at the bottom; the ottoman was made by a competitor of the Thonet company and is dated pre-1890 – place it at the foot of the bookshelf to act as an additional seating space for reading books.


Foods That Are Great For Your Heart

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Which foods to eat to have a healthy heart or if you have heart disease

Keeping your heart constantly healthy, even after you have developed heart disease, does not have to be a complicated process if you always eat right. But does that mean that you have to compromise on taste? No, it does not. There are a lot of different types of food you can eat, so there is enough to feel satisfied by in the long-term but always choose food that can fight the primary causes of heart disease, such as high cholesterol.

Vegetables: count in vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, peas and carrots in your diet.

Carbohydrates: the carbohydrates which you should eat are potatoes, legumes, brown rice and oatmeal.

Fish: fish that contains omega-3 and are oily too, like herring and anchovies, can reduce triglycerides (or lipids) in your body; triglycerides are fat which provide energy.

Protein: sources of protein that are good for your heart are nuts, tofu and lean meats.

Fruits: include fruits such as oranges, papaya and pomegranates in your diet to keep your heart healthy.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is a children’s book about a barn owl called Plop, who is very different. Although, owls are largely nocturnal creatures, Plop is a barn owl that is afraid of night-time. Plop considers night-time to be awful but when Mrs. Barn Owl dispatches him to inquire about that part of the day, Plop manages to change his mind about it. Plop does this with the aid of various living beings he stumbles upon, from a cat to a scout. The tale is marvelously heartwarming and it celebrates the idea of being different and the fact that it can be considered as something novel, as well as inspiring with the thought that it can be possible to overcome a big fear.