Collecting Recipes

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How to file your favorite recipes

If you are a big food fanatic and love to spend weekends experimenting in the kitchen with different foods then chances are that you will need to think of ways to store all of your creativity. And those ways must also make your kitchen look good by simply turning it into a much happier place with its presence.

Jot & Mark Recipe Card Complete Gift Box | Decorative Tin Box, Recipe Cards, Index Dividers at Amazon
A pretty tin box that comes with beautiful (and lined) recipe cards that are adorned with flowers, which are remarkably representative of the vibrant floral decoration on the box.
Dolce Vita Recipe Card Organizer Binder at Hallmark
A bright recipe organizer that features an illustration at the front and comes with many recipe cards, poly sleeves and sections (such as for vegetables and seafood) to categorize recipes with.
Mickey Mouse Recipe Organizer Book at Hallmark
I love this organizer book because it features Mickey Mouse wearing an apron and a chef’s hat, and carrying a spatula, on the front of the organizer; not only that, the infamous mouse appears quite a bit throughout the organizer actually and there is also plenty of room inside to store all of your recipes together in one place.
Mickey Mouse Recipe Refill Cards at Hallmark
The cards are to refill the organizer book (or actually any recipe organizer) with; I really liked the cards because they look like quintessential ‘Mickey Mouse’ items, with its chalk-like appearance and lined spacing on a paper-like background.



Capsule Review

Rotherwierd is the first book in a trilogy by Andrew Caldecott is and it also includes illustrations by Sasha Laika. The book is about an isolated English village with a difference, the secrets of which look to be quite uncovered because of a new history teacher in town called Jonah Oblong, through Veronal Slickstone – the new inhabitant of what was previously an abandoned manor. There is no shortage of peculiar characters in the book, such as an unreflecting woman and a wild specialist in physics, but what really saves the book from its seemingly banal tone is the town’s rich character – towers with Italian designs, boats chasing each other and an illustrious castle bring to life a place that is so superbly mysterious that the book almost borders on being a searchingly eerie piece of work.

Best Healthy Cookies

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Healthy cookies are simply great as light snacks

Sweet but healthy, the right type of cookie is an ideal option for a snack but what to choose at your nearest supermarket? Go for cookies that never compromise on taste but still help you to stay fit. I prefer cookies to not accompany a hot drink, such as milk, all the time, so the best healthy cookies are also the ones that tastewise really pack a punch and thus, avoid the need to have any dipping in order. Top picks:

  1. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookie Gluten Free
  2. Stauffer’s Original Animal Crackers
  3. Cadbury Milk Chocolate Finger Cookies
  4. Enjoy Life Handcrafted Soft Baked Gingerbread Spice Cookies
  5. Honey Maid The Emoji Movie Graham Snacks

A Tropical Bathroom

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How to turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise

Summer is nearly here and that means a tropical position is in order with everything. How you decorate your bathroom now can actually really set the mood for that because the coming of the hottest season of year is an event to look forward to.

John Lewis Bali Double Bathroom Towel Cupboard at John Lewis
I liked the chocolate color of the bathroom towel cupboard, which has been inspired by the East. Its paneled design is also wonderful and the fact that the cabinet has been coated with a lacquer that is water resistant means that its practicality is one you can count on; the cupboard can be used to stock up on towels, as well as your toiletries and beauty items.

Roberto Cavalli Bravo Set of 2 Cotton Towels at Luisaviaroma
The set of towels feature an animal print and is brown in color – it perfect compliments those of the daring frame of mind.

John Lewis Beach Huts Digital Bathroom Scale at John Lewis
I love the sketch on this bathroom scale – it is that of huts on the beach and a boat; the scale adds a further tropical touch because it really reminds you of the beach.

Paradise (Framed Art Print) by Helo Birdie at Society6
A framed art piece is a good option to decorate the wall of your bathroom with; this one features a tropical theme that is complete with people just casually enjoying a blue beach and lots of lush trees.

Top Summer Holiday Destinations (2018)


The best countries to take a holiday to this year to escape the unbearable summer heat

Where is best to go on a holiday this summer? It really depends on what your expectations are from a holiday; normally, taking a holiday in the summer can really mean two things – finding somewhere cooler to migrate to and taking a well-deserved break from hard work that every single year only seem to do nothing more than just drag on and on. To have a perfect holiday this year, look no further than these hot destinations:

  1. Belgium: the European country gets cold enough in the summer months and is thus ideal to take in the beautiful landscapes with total comfort; a starting point, should always be paying a visit to the canals.
  2. Northern Ireland: Ireland gets even more colder than Belgium but even if you can’t forget the long winters that you left behind only a couple of months before summer, the European country is still perfect enough to take a holiday to in the summer; tasting the beer and eating a whole lot of pub-food sounds inviting enough to bring back home plenty of good memories.
  3. Serbia: Serbia’s close proximity to Africa means that it can occasionally get warm but the evenings are still chilly enough; the whole point of taking a holiday to a Eastern European nation, I feel, is that you get the opportunity to experience rather offbeat landscapes in comparison to the rest of Europe and also take in history that is too rarely explored but just so rich and vibrant.

Top Contemporary Pakistani TV Shows

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Which contemporary Pakistani dramas nicely walk between reality and fiction?

Pakistani television shows, much like Pakistani culture, seem to be shrouded in an air of mystery. From the clothes the characters wear to the regular depiction of female independence in a country, where disrespecting rights for women is always a persistent reality, what these television shows do is purely entertain; in fact, Pakistani dramas provide nothing much else. The plotlines of the serials always seem really far away from any connection to reality but in the very least, at least there is always an entertaining aspect to the stories. My picks for top Pakistani television shows in the contemporary age:

  1. Zindagi Gulzar Hai: starring Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan, the television show charts the story of two young people with entirely different social standings; the female lead is from an impoverished background, whilst the male lead comes from an affluent family structure.
  2. Humsafar: the television show starring Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan in lead roles revolves around the challenges a married couple faces because the mother-in-law disapproves of the matrimonial union.
  3. Jackson Heights: in the show, six separate arcs revolve around the lives of Pakistanis residing in the United States and the struggles that they face in life.

The Day Bed

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What to do when you are permanently left with a day bed for a bed

A day bed is just perfect when you live in a cramped house, with your very big family. It can transform the tiny space you have been allocated as your own into a cozy environment to look forward to every night when you come back home from work. But what it also needs are the right accessories to make your room feel like a truly hospitable space.

Day-bed with 2 mattresses at IKEA
Black and boasting a frame of steel, what I liked about this day bed is that it is really simple but still looks inviting as a (double) bed, given the fact that it also doubles up as a sofa.

Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases at IKEA
The quilt cover and the pillowcases are made out of sustainable cotton and features a whimsical print of flowers; the vibrancy of the set is sure to add some color to an otherwise dark bedroom environment because of the black-colored day bed.

Wall lamp at IKEA
For relaxation purposes, the wall lamp designed in the shape of a star exudes a magnificent blue light that is also dotted with white specks; perfect to add a fairytale vibe to your bedroom.

Box with lid, set of 3 at IKEA
A set of three handmade baskets in three different sizes that have all been manufactured out of seagrass – use it to store your daily essentials and keep at the foot of your bed for easy reach.