Date Ideas for the Winter

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This winter, take your pick from these range of great ideas to spend the winter with that special someone. Because its cold and grey and dull, you need to find innovative ways to cheer yourself up, and one of those brilliant ways is to be spending some quality time with your boyfriend.


Up for a little adventure? Go snowboarding! It doesn’t matter whether you can call yourself a professional snowboarder or an amateur enthusiast, if sports gets your blood pumping then its something worth sharing with your significant other, and together you can indulge in some winter playfulness that is sure to take your relationship to the next level this season.

Catch a Film!

Cozying up to your boyfriend sounds divine in the cold? Then aim for a romantic chick-flick this holiday season, and its sure to let the fireworks roll in the relationship. If you find that your boyfriend has a different taste in films than you, then aim for a compromise – if he likes comedy films and you fancy yourself some drama, then go for uncharted waters and watch a musical instead, or you could always go for double-length feature films if you can manage the time.

Toast Marshmallows 

First date ideas are always nerve-wrecking to many, and in the cold with snow piled up everywhere, its even more difficult to come up with ideas. So light up the fireplace and take out that pack of marshmallows from Sainsbury’s and get crackling!

Try a New Cuisine

Japanese or Czechoslovakian? Sushi or knedlíky? Vinegared rice and raw fish or steamed potato dumplings? Which do you fancy more? Never tried either? Well, its always a good idea to be trying a new cuisine with a mate, rather than on your own entirely, so choose to do the same with your boyfriend this season! And remember to go easy on that soy sauce because that is the only thing you recognize on the table for both cuisines.

Sample Music

Does he have a really large music collection and you don’t even know what a stereo is? Fear not! There is nothing wrong in not being able to read musical chords or not really being heavily inclined towards music! If you appreciate the passion your boyfriend has for his music collection and show a genuine enthusiasm towards it, your good to go! Just make sure you always point out when you don’t particularly like a song – you don’t want to be that girl now do you, who just nods along to everything her boyfriend likes, just because they are dating?

Trivia Night

Are you a bookworm? Do you spend all your time with your head buried in books? Then now would be the perfect time to get a game of trivia going with your boyfriend! If you find that he isn’t as culturally inclined as you and is more scientific-minded instead, and you just do not understand science, then choose to swap tales instead, and ask your boyfriend to go easy on the science questions, while you do the same for Sense and Sensibility.

The Local Farmer’s Market

What are the ingredients you need for that warm beef stew that is just perfect for winter? Leek and potato soup is your favourite? How about some bean soup instead? Barbecued shrimp and cheese for an exotic dinner tonight? Go shopping to your local farmer’s market with your boyfriend and make sure you always go organic!

Read Together

What are your favourite books from childhood? Are you at the stage of that relationship yet where you can ask each other such questions? If not, then get there quick! Because winter is a time when most people choose to stay indoors, either in school or then just in their small house in a dreary neighbourhood in Acton that they share with countless other people, from family members to the occasional family guests and their smelly kittens and mangy dogs as pets, that never liked your pretty little kitten or snobby dog, respectively. So find a way to be innovative this season and go for some quiet time with your boyfriend in your room and read a good book together. It could be anything from your local library, from fiction to history, or your favourite corner bookshop but make sure you have read the back cover of the book properly together to ensure that you both agree that its a book you would like to invest your precious time together on!


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