Things You Should Never Do After You Get Cheated On

A recent survey revealed that approximately 80percent of women gets cheated on at least once in their lifetime and that is just an awful story. How you handle yourself after you discover you have been cheated on says a lot about you as a woman and how you handle a personally painful experience. No matter what you do, remember that there are better ways to get even than the following:

  • Getting back with your ex-boyfriend. This can further complicate things for you, post breakup when your left with tending to your broken heart and dealing with a bad (and maybe even humilating) dating experience with one of your ex-boyfriends.
  • Don’t publicly try to humilate him by outlining your grief in mammoth detail. This situation almost always backfires and your left looking like that dreaded “ex” who still tries to cling onto a relationship, when there is practically nothing there to hold onto anymore. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t express your feelings out loud – just check yourself to make sure your no longer angry or bitter about the experience, and can calmly handle yourself in front of him; if your still not there just avoid him, until you feel like you are. There is nothing shameful in being hurt over being cheated on – it’s not your fault you dated a scumbag you thought was “the one”.
  • Throw away his presents. Sure, this will get rid of the memories and help you heal. But it’s simpler to just give them back to him. That’s handling a breakup, because your boyfriend cheated on you, much more dignified – it leaves you as the better and stronger person, to come out of the relationship, and that is always fabulous.
  • Cheat on him to get even. This is never a good idea, because you have to take the moral highground here, unless ofcourse you meet someone great and your still toying with the idea of breaking up with him, but forgot to mention it to him or could never find the right time to do so, in which case you should most definetly go ahead – this could be the start of a great night!

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