The Eager Beaver: “I hate washing up and the effort it takes to cook!”

Microwave cooking is fast and easy but it comes with its very own share of drawbacks because it never brings out the flavour of foods as much as oven cooking does. Simplistic in nature some chefs prefer to spend more time with their dinner guests, than slave away in the kitchen crafting up a feast for the night.

If you love cooking and this sounds like your man, then suggest crisping up a baked potato done in the oven first, in the microwave, as a way to do more in the kitchen together that doesn’t only involve pouring and serving wine to the guests, and also ease him into cooking more. Because of the convenience of microwave cooking, it’s often popular but one can also serve lasagne in the lasagne dish used in oven, much like a plate to rare-cook some quiche.


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