The Ethnic-Food Dude: “What Can I Say? Falafel rocks my boat every time!”

Sometimes the chef in your household can love to go where no man has ever gone before in your life…the ethnic food aisle in the supermarket. Mysterious, exotic, and flavoursome of a different kind, these foods appeal to men who perceive the world as one big community, akin to their peace-loving and open-minded nature.

Connecting with another culture through food is a novel way to get to know more about the countries that make up the world, apart from a weekend trip to a faraway land or watching a foreign film together. So the conversation at the dinner table will most likely involve Vietnamese cuisines and how they cook relatively fast, and if you were in Vietnam right now, the fresh ingredients from there would make this native dish taste so much better.

Curious as a kitten, this boyfriend can deconstruct a dish they’ve had in a restaurant quite easily, and even innovate it in their own unique way at home from personally curated ingredients from the local bazaars nearby. Spontaneous in the kitchen, you can make a headstart by grouping together the ingredients by each stage of the recipe for a dish, kind of like a spice-rack but a more flatter cutting-board edition. 


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