The Fish-Lover: “I like to eat a lot of fish and vegetables, because apart from being tasty they keep my diet in check!”

Some chefs do worry excessively about their waistlines, devoting plenty of their time to the health aspects of enjoying a meal. Overtly-concerned about their self-image leads to too much control over the recipe because then you can be sure to have a guilt-free evening spent with good food. Fat-free is how they like it, so they often eat a lot of fish and fresh vegetables, and try to limit the carb, and protein intake from meats and eggs.

But just like vegans, this is a tricky food concept to balance for them because it’s optimal to get all the nutrients just right in the diet. Encourage your boyfriend to lighten up about the meal, simultaneously pointing out that a fat-free diet is an important aspect to healthy living. Try to find the balance here, and help out with the precise measuring of ingredients, an Achilles heel for many a fine chef, and practice portion-control in your foods – watch that helping of pasta bake now!


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