The Rebel: “I Like To Decorate My Omelette.”

Some of us love to cook up a storm, the easy way. None of the basting turkey fuss, when you can easily chuck a half-basted turkey in the oven for your Sunday evening meal. Then there are some men who love to get artistic with their food, they defy rules. Recipes aren’t their thing because they like to let their creative juices flow free even in the kitchen.

The ingredients they choose, the seasonings they spend hours pouring over in the supermarket to select, the times and temperatures of the hob, all means that your man loves his eggs poached rather than baked, simply because of the effort that goes into poaching them.

Although, this could almost always mean some strange concoctions of a cheese omelette, have heart and try to see things his way for once because this boyfriend of yours is the sensitive kind. This kind of guy tends to visualise the dish before and as he is cooking it, so he might not be up for sharing in carving out his own recipe.

As challenging as it sounds to cook a meal with him, talk to him about what’s on his mind regarding the recipe but make sure to not get in his way because his mind is churning constantly thinking of what to add to his recipe next. Don’t be afraid of coming across too snobbish, because he needs to handle constructive criticism when it comes to art – it’s all part of the trade!


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