The Speedracer: “Fast and how, baby, fast and how!”

Some cooks like to combine fresh foods with packaged foods because they are more health conscious than can be deemed as average, not-to-mention the incredibly fast tone of cooking for such foods. They do come delicious, when spruced up with fresh herbs or a complimenting condiment, and your boyfriend knows this.

Sautéing mushrooms with coriander and fresh garlic, before tossing them into your spaghetti cooked up with a jar of tomato sauce is his idea of a heavenly meal. This kind of man loves to follow orders in the kitchen, loves to share in the recipe making.

One of his biggest passions is to collect recipe cards from the supermarket, blogs and tear them off from magazines, newspapers so they do know plenty about the food arena. Written notes will help you decide what to cook tonight together, and remember to be very obvious because these do not like staying in the dark about where they stand in romance…or the kitchen.


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