What Kind Of Chef Is Your Boyfriend?

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Summer romance doesn’t last, they say. In the heat of moment, as your passions run free, before you know it you have ended up dating someone you know will never be ‘the one’ but it still doesn’t stop you from enjoying all of it. Because now who can resist some short-lived romance and the wonderful memories it provides? But for those lucky few, for whom it does turn out to be something much more, ever wondered about how the little things he does everyday says a lot about what kind of person he is? In relationships, you never stop discovering the other person, you never stop learning more about what makes this man you are dating. One of these little things are ‘the skills’ he has, in particular – ever given thought to the kind of culinary skills your boyfriend has and how it can provide you with inexplicable clues about the man in your life? The relationship you share with your boyfriend in the kitchen is very important because mealtimes are essential bonding-times with your mate. Here’s how to tell which of the following is your boyfriend – just flip through the types to find…

The Curious Mouse: “I love food, and trying out various recipes!”

A chef who knows the latest trends and styles of cooking is hard to keep up with, but you don’t always have to. Sometimes it’s a great idea to let the man in your life rule the roost when it comes to cooking. If you do like to wear the chef’s hat in the relationship though, this is actually a blessing in disguise, because these types of men also secretly yearn for expert guidance so don’t be afraid to share some of your wisdom. They like to stick to the recipe, it’s their manner of getting creative – try out something new in the kitchen once in a while. Make sure you bring your adventurous side to the dinner table, and you can act as a sort of a sous chef, helping him out with the preparation of garnishes, such as fresh herbs, lemon wedges and chopped nuts.

The Eager Beaver: “I hate washing up and the effort it takes to cook!”

Microwave cooking is fast and easy but it comes with its very own share of drawbacks because it never brings out the flavour of foods as much as oven cooking does. Simplistic in nature, some chefs prefer to spend more time with their dinner guests, than slave away in the kitchen crafting up a feast for the night. If you love cooking and this sounds like your man, then suggest crisping up a baked potato done in the oven first, in the microwave, as a way to do more in the kitchen together that doesn’t only involve pouring and serving wine to the guests, and also ease him into cooking more. Because of the convenience of microwave cooking, it’s often popular but one can also serve lasagna in the lasagna dish used in oven, much like a plate to rare-cook some quiche.

The Vegan: “It’s true…I can’t imagine eating anything other than a salad for the rest of my life!”

Tobey Maguire recently turned vegan, and this just shows that he’s more into the environment, health-conscious, and compassionate. Quite contrary to popular opinion, vegetarian meals takes extra time and effort to cook, because of the low fat intake and the necessity to balance out the vitamins and minerals for your meals. If your boyfriend is vegetarian, then you can start the fun in the kitchen by rolling out the grocery shopping first. There will be plenty of vegetables to slice and chop, and if you’re a meat-lover and unfamiliar with so much of vegetarian dishes, don’t be afraid to ask about the finer technicalities of preparing a dish. While prepping a vegetarian dish, it would be a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of this diet just so that you can impress your boyfriend, with your interest  in his lifestyle and of course with all that you know!

The Fries-lover: “I don’t know any kind of food that isn’t comfort food!”

Chefs who love comfort food love to share their wisdom in the kitchen at the dinner table with guests, so be prepared for some interesting conversation over how an orange-duck is cooked. They usually know the foods by heart, or go around looking for vintage recipes to bring back to life once more. Pick up a ladle and get involved in the kitchen. It’s a nutritious meal so help out with the ingredients but really converse much more and trust your boyfriend when he says he knows what he’s doing – he loves food and he might take it to heart, if you don’t share the faith he has towards his craft.

The Ethnic-Food Dude: “What Can I Say? Falafel rocks my boat every time!”

Sometimes the chef in your household can love to go where no man has ever gone before in your life…the ethnic food aisle in the supermarket. Mysterious, exotic, and flavoursome of a different kind, these foods appeal to men who perceive the world as one big community, akin to their peace-loving and open-minded nature. Connecting with another culture through food is a novel way to get to know more about the countries that make up the world, apart from a weekend trip to a faraway land or watching a foreign film together. So the conversation at the dinner table will most likely involve Vietnamese cuisines and how they cook relatively fast and if you were in Vietnam right now, the fresh ingredients from there would make this native dish taste so much better. Curious as a kitten, this boyfriend can deconstruct a dish they’ve had in a restaurant, quite easily, and even innovate it in their own unique way at home from personally curated ingredients from the local bazaars nearby. Spontaneous in the kitchen – you can make a head start by grouping together the ingredients by each stage of the recipe for a dish, kind of like a spice-rack but a more flatter cutting-board edition.

A Takeout Lad: “It’s 3 am and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for some donner kebabs from the chip shop!”

Takeout food always tastes great early in the morning after a hard day’s work or a good night out. Lads who love takeout food a bit too much tend to love food but loathe cooking or washing up afterwards, because to them it’s a massive chore rather than a hobby, something they really enjoy. This dude knows his chip shops in his neighbourhood, like the back of his hand, so the price factor isn’t the issue at stake here because he will be able to secure a good bargain for the two of you on most nights. He likes meals to be ready for him and done up professionally, so surprise him with some takeout choices of your own, that he isn’t in the know of yet.

The Fish-Lover: “I like to eat a lot of fish and vegetables, because apart from being tasty they keep my diet in check!”

Some chefs do worry excessively about their waistlines, devoting plenty of their time to the health aspects of enjoying a meal. Overtly-concerned about their self-image leads to too much control over the recipe because then you can be sure to have a guilt-free evening spent with good food. Fat-free is how they like it, so they often eat a lot of fish and fresh vegetables and try to limit the carb, and protein intake from meats and eggs. But just like vegans, this is a tricky food concept to balance for them because it’s optimal to get all the nutrients just right in the diet. Encourage your boyfriend to lighten up about the meal, simultaneously pointing out that a fat-free diet is an important aspect to healthy living. Try to find the balance here and help out with the precise measuring of ingredients – an Achilles heel for many a fine chef; also practice portion-control in your foods by watching that helping of pasta bake now!


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