How To Tell If You’re Dating ‘The One’

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Nice guys are difficult to come around. The guy you are dating might not be the kind you usually date: the really sweet ones, or the sexy, laid-back sports fanatic, but this guy could be the key to all your happiness. Pleasant evenings, the whole ‘butterfly’ effect is something to treasure, even if the first dates never really stopped the stream of doubts in your mind about where this relationship is headed. Relax, it was probably just nervousness on his part that gave a rise to the lack of conversation. He could be more fun than he seems at times, but why you don’t know it often is because perhaps you haven’t tried anything remarkably entertaining yet, like a trip to a carnival, let’s say. Here’s some tips on how to figure out if the feeling you hold inside you is correct and he really is the one:

  1. You miss him after a holiday, with the girls.
  2. Chivalry is important to him
  3. You only want to go out with him.
  4. You always text him the moment something monumental happens in your life.
  5. He gets on with your parents.
  6. Your future plans are on the same wavelength.
  7. He’s alright with your eccentric lifestyle, like an increasing slant in wanting to learn how to play the banjo.
  8. He likes your friends enough to want a friendship there too, rather than just sitting there all alone in your house party.
  9. You sleep better when he sleeps over.
  10. You are passionate about his career, enough to take an interest in conversing with him about this.
  11. You are sexually compatible – this is important, you might not realise it until you’ve hit the sack so make sure to leave some room in the relationship, for it to be so.
  12. Make sure you have some interests in common – it doesn’t have to be a lot. Shopping together, dining out often, taking in a movie…it doesn’t matter which of these or something else entirely. It’s great when you are comfortable with each other on interests too.
  13. He always talks (and very proudly, in a show-off manner) about you….also tells you you’re hot out-of-the-blue.
  14. Make sure to have the ‘conversation’ about starting a family because if you never want one and he does…that’s a potential catastrophic relationship there, when your really ever just looking for ‘the one’!

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