Is Living Together With Your Boyfriend A Good Idea?

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Living together with your boyfriend could go from the best experience to a nightmare in a manner of seconds. From fights over the little things, to having to share personal items, such as your favourite Herbal Essence shampoo, or your Chanel night cream, it can actually take the most picture-perfect relationship and put it on a downward-spiral. Living together is a life choice for many couples in modern times. It’s almost as basic an ingredient to strengthening your relationship as making it a point to always splitting restaurant tabs, or often visiting each other’s families during the winter holidays. But how do you know if you are ready to share a postal address with your boyfriend? There are subtle clues and real-stark-clear ones too, that can guide you in the decision-making process.


Always Together

If you spend too many nights together in each other’s apartments then chances are that you have already familiarized yourself with his living habits. Clothes on the floor, what detergent he uses for his washing-up, how he likes his roast chicken on Sundays – know these like you know the back of your hand? Then you are most probably ready to move in!

We just celebrated our 6 months = you’re not there yet!

A lot actually depends on how long you have been dating. It’s a wise decision to let the infatuation stage run its course first, which tends to be post a year or so, for most couples. The initial stages of the relationship are usually smooth-running, so any imperfections your partner has is almost always overlooked, or worse ignored as minor erratic behaviour. Although, most likely nothing alarming, in the long run, these small ‘irritations’ can become huge problems in the relationship, so wait until the honeymoon period is over for you to be able to judge for yourself.

Have the same motives in moving in together

You and your partner should be interested in sharing space with each other – don’t do it if you think it will perhaps lead to an engagement or you have space issues you still need to sort out. Splitting bills or rent, shows the wonderful camaraderie you have going on with your partner, apart from the level of commitment you have chosen to share. It’s a great indication of the fact that you are both responsible in your relationship and thus have what it takes to take such a mature step towards your romantic life, and live happily ever after, together in your first ever apartment, rented out as a couple.


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