Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk’s Monolithic Paradise

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk is a Scandinavian architect who has crafted quite a paradise on the banks of Mijøsa Lake in the Norwegian capital. Close to Oslo, there is a village where you will find a colossal piece of architecture composed of concrete, glass and imposing windows masquerading as a display of different sizes.

There is blue in the otherwise dull environment, but when you go indoors the place brightens up – not a lot of personal touches here but that’s why this home is so particularly special – the beauty is in the frames alone.

Each of the blinds-covered frames is positioned as found amusing by Carl. The glass convention is still there but partially reimagined in a much-more miniscule environment, giving guests the opportunity to showcase their breathtaking collections of art.

For lovers of large windows, there are two seperate installations of that design too. The details are an interesting touch, such as the contrasting raised lawn on the beachside viewscape – plenty of staying true to playing around with the concept of light, as is homebase for the atelier’s inspirations.

There is a slope on the sunny island and this is accentuated for the ground floor, the central level in the middle of the house and a second floor, that is entirely consctructed from a private perspective.

You have a pretty large kitchen, a staircase descending all the way to the ground level, a nicely constructed porch, a very bizzare and stoneage-esque mud-environment style of an outdoor staircase, and some pretty comfortable bedrooms. The house was built on an accomodating budget, which gave it all the pizzaz you can think about.


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