Food for Thought: Oysters & Truffle

Oysters sitting pretty in colourful dishes is an art conception we certainly didn’t imagine to be happening anytime soon but it has. As part of our latest instalment “Food for Thought” where we explore how artists visually entice you with food, we have this project from Daniel Buren. 

The art piece is about how you can capture edible sensations, those that are really rare, and flawless. The oysters have been decorated out with a lining of rich black truffle and it seems the French artist had some say in how to position the rose-tinted bowls and what to accessorise them with. 

Perhaps the instructions belting out from a more watchful and experienced eye acting as a guide wasn’t kept at a bare minimum because you cannot actually move any of the objects around – it’s stationary but still inviting enough to be haphazard. 

A couple of the bowls are empty, while some of them have been filled with crushed-ice – the translucent coloured vessels look like a raft because of the fish, and the water theme overarching it. For any kind of animated movement, audiences are treated only to a handful of carefully selected coloured lenses which you can use to witness the filtered views of the art. 


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