Is your BF Emotionally Cheating on you?

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Emotional cheating is often a taboo subject. Women at times wonder if cheating can be accommodated because the men in their life has only had an entirely sexual relationship with another woman. They go so far in love, they tend to overlook how damaging cheating can be to a woman’s self-confidence, the romantic relationship and maybe even future romantic liaisons. I personally cannot understand the leeway women make all in the name for love, family and the comfort of a suburban life. They would trade in their image – how people look at them, what they think about them, their self-worth over a man, but thankfully my liberal point of views always keeps me in check from being too judgmental over some women’s priorities in life.

Emotionally cheating on your partner is even worse – it’s when men check out another woman, despite having a hot, and wonderful young wife. It’s a taboo topic because if women can make leeway for their man having engaged in physical intimacy with other women, imagine how much they would overlook ‘emotional cheating’? The truth is that not every unfaithful relationship can be looked upon as an entirely black-and-white story. Sometimes there are two sides to it – maybe the woman got cheated on because she no longer enjoys sex after marriage? Maybe she was too busy flirting with co-workers and neglected her boyfriend? Maybe she was so busy with work, and me-time, her boyfriend faded into the background?

But this is only specific to every story. Sometimes men cheat on women, when the woman never did anything wrong. She was perhaps busy with her life, and couldn’t match up to the ‘idea’ he had crafted in his mind about her in some manner or the other, and then here comes in – the other woman, or the ‘one night stand’. This is how you can tell if your boyfriend has become one of those men, and try to save your love-story before you end up wishing you were the more glamorous ‘one-night-stand’:

  • He wants to live in an ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ film – you have finally figured out why he keeps staring at the Audrey Hepburn living in the apartment opposite to him.
  • When an attractive girl in a pair of short-shorts walks right-by at the park, he holds your hand and proclaims gleefully how lucky he is to be with you.
  • All of a sudden he loves the rain so much, he keeps telling a smokin’ hot girlfriend to wear white-tees.
  • He spends too much time on and other such dating websites, trying to find a date for his best friend. It’s like throwing a request for after hours at work/at a restaurant is greeted by the response: “No, need to be on I have to fix up Jude soon, he still hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend.”
  • His social networking skills involve flirting with photographs of FHM babes, endlessly.
  • He enjoys women’s beach volleyball but doesn’t know any of the rules to the game.
  • He likes to club around, drink around, and has so many girlfriends you seem lost in the charade. It was fun initially as friends but two-months into dating and he has no room for you in the clubbing scene, means he isn’t up for ‘exclusivity’ not even for the infatuation stage.
  • He makes sexual jokes with all the women he is friends with and you have been going out for 8 years now.
  • Whenever Agent Provocateur unveils their latest fashion catalogue, he cannot be located for a week.
  • He’s still fuming over that camping trip that never happened in school, where the boys wanted to pick cherries, spot bluebirds and be surrounded by the busy-bee chatter of girl-scouts in-training.
  • The club is practically empty, no queues anywhere, just some people enjoying the scene. You ask him for a Foster’s to enjoy the night but half-an-hour post the request, he keeps circling the floors, because he can’t find you.
  • Every girl in the neighbourhood is some chick he went to school with, presumably. He looks at a blond-girl and starts to think if he knows her ‘from those days’.

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