Mila Kunis makes a return to the silverscreen in Jupiter Ascending, after a long time, and she looks fit-as-a-fiddle post giving birth. The film is interesting in ways that Mila is the protagonist, Jupiter Jones – she is born under constellations which foretell the future, for her a particularly bright one. However, things aren’t looking so great post bad choices as an adult.

Now she makes a living cleaning homes, but is rescued by Caine, when some of her enemies learn of her and try to remove her from their path. Jupiter discovers that she is actually part of an intergalactic struggle, for the solar system. Jupiter is slotted to be the owner of Earth because she has somehow come to inherit it. However, all of this doesn’t happen before battles break out with her enemies who want the same prize. The film also stars Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne, and will be here on February 06 2015.


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