20th Century Fox has released this brand new trailer for the Ridley Scott epic tale about Moses, Exodus: Gods and Kings. The fight between Moses and Pharaoh is well-documented in history, its well-known, but Scott charts this in a new and different way.

The film takes Moses (Christian Bale) who has grown up quite comfortably in Egypt, post his difficult days as a baby born into poverty and slavery and puts him and a portion of his life, in the spotlight.

Rhamses, the eventual Pharaoh, is like a brother to him, but the relationship descends into complete chaos when Moses learns of a prophecy that he absolutely must fulfill – free his people from slavery.

With God by his side, Moses requests co-operation from the Pharaoh but when he refuses a plethora of plagues befall the people of the kingdom. Rhamses, who has taken upon himself to call himsef a living God, cannot win against this prophecy.

Moses heralds the Jewish people into a new direction, filled with a beautiful sea-parting shot but Rhamses who has basically lost all sense of things, and is thunderously furious at having lost the fight in not granting freedom to the slaves, brings together his forces to hunt all of them down. The film also stars Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, John Turturro and Ben Kingsley and will premiere nationwide on December 26 2014.


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