The Everyman Theatre won the top prize in this year’s Sterling Prize at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). The institute is based in Liverpool, and was nominated alongside the London Aquatics Centre, the Library of Birmingham, the London School of Economics – Saw Swee Hock Student Centre and the Manchester School of Art.

The place used to live in a grande 19th century chapel once upon a time but now breathes art inside the modern structure. The award went to the theatre for its execution of design concepts and imaginative core. There structure is a splicing of the nouveau with the ancient: a recycled and exposed brick architecture in carefully selected portions of the auditorium, the bars and in random corners makes it a beacon of hope for design interests dabbling in signage and comfortable lighting.

One of the bars resides on the first floor, but what’s most extraordinary here is the gentleman’s club that privately dresses itself as an alcove writer’s room. Apart from that you have the fancy auditorium that fits in some 400 guests rather well, the rehearsal room, a café and even more bars lining the small offices that exist to help the theatre function.


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