The Mexican Casa Wabi Foundation explores tradition and modernism!

Japanese designer Tadao Ando has crafted a new building for the Casa Wabi Foundation, in the only style he knows – the kind he’s grown up with. It comes right at the heels of Mexican equated scales of university architecture – the University of Monterrey recently unveiled a titanic expression of art through its art school, quite creatively named “The Gate of Creation”.

South of Mexico City is where the new Foundation building lives, and the Pritzker Prize winning architect has envisioned it in the style of beauty in an imperfect life, or in other words what we call ‘wabi-sabi’. The central building is situated with six independent residences: there are two studios, an exhibition space, a 67-acre botanical garden where there’s plans to have the Foundation host the outdoor fashionable art collection, and numerous adaptable spaces.

The architecture is composed of concrete, and is a fusion of Ando’s signature style of doing things, and Mexican ‘palapa’ roof concepts. Hence, what you can expect to see is an open-sided pavilion, with a thatched roof tribute composed of dried palm leaves. The site had a grand inauguration – French artist Daniel Buren had four primary programs out in the foyer…artist residencies, social programs, educational ideas, a garden, and a film program, which aims to mix the artists and the local community.


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