Post-it note (Love): What to do for winter?

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Cold weather doesn’t seem to be our blessing here this season: it’s a mix of constant rainfall, wind & sunshine in December. Welcome to a monsoon Christmas! Xmas tree and prezzies all sorted out? If you are currently dating, and still bored sorry, despite it being 20 days right up until Xmas, here are some ideas on how to get cozy with your boyfriend:


Are you like me who just absolutely have to cook every fortnight to enjoy a good meal? If then, this would be a good romantic idea that also comes cheap on your household expenses, or your own earnings. Think about how you can now finally save up for a rainy day!*pun intended. Check out recipes first together that’s just for the two of you, then get bottles of wine and be romantic!

Showers and Bath Salts

This might be the most popular option, almost everyone tries it out, at least once, and then babbles about it to all their mates. Do the whole vanilla candles and champagne baths, and try aromatic bath salts that bubble up the water inside for you to act playful with.

Sex-Bucket….or Chicken-Bucket?

If you love to fool around with food – not me, then you can get one of those chicken buckets that fast food stores do, the dime-a-dozen ones like KFC, McDonalds and bring it back home with you to enjoy with your boyfriend. The idea is to enjoy the variety in the bucket, and let him see the funny side to yourself. Since, I don’t personally enjoy wasting food of any kind, I just flip on One Fine Day Home Alone for the umpteenth-time and let it roll with the chicken bucket…and daydream that my best mate wasn’t so lazy over socks already!


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