6 Books To Bag This Winter…

River Cottage: Light & Easy

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

River Cottage is a nice, eccentric series on Channel 4 that explores cooking in an offbeat way. The show takes place in a summer village escape, where Hugh experiments with herbs, meat cuts and roast potatoes, cooking up a storm for idyllic foodies. This book is an ode to all of that + Hugh’s take on food that can combat cholesterol.


In other words, this is the simpler edition of the complicated dishes you just cannot say no to. And because it is a lot healthier, you can compliment some of the items on the menu here, with the winter dishes you have been cooking up a storm for your dinner guests, that are wholesome and hearty enough for a grand feast. Favourites: the super-easy oven fishcakes, hotpots and the side dish of curried roots and the crunchy green salads.

Dragons at Crumbling Castle: And Other Stories

Terry Pratchett

The illustrations are fascinating in this book because you can spot green dragons, cavemen, and fast auto-races, the young wonder-boy, Ralph, spin his own comic interpretations, short stories of tortoises, Fossfiddle the wizard and Fortnight the Friday, the amazing knight, time-travelling, as they reconquer the Crumbling Castle from the dragons who have based home inside the place, when the knights went off to visit their nans on a family holiday.


Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect

Mary Berry

Mary Berry is very well-known in England for her cooked-up menus and her television appearances as a culinary expert, such as that for The Great British Bakeoff. From 100 mouthwatering recipes to easy, crafty notes on how to cook for the right guest, prepare yourself for something other than winter bakes, like a crisp pork dish, soft salmon, or fried haddock.

The Jolly Christmas Postman

Allan Ahlberg

The bicycling postman is back again from his travels around our green valleys, with actual letters, presents and much more in his Xmas postbag. Watch out for that delivery of heartfelt good wishes from fairytale creatures, such as a special card for baby Bear, a ‘Beware’ game for Red Riding Hood from Mr Wolf, a “get-well-soon” jigsaw puzzle for everyone’s favourite naughty egg Humpty Dumpty.

The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook – The Hungry Student

Charlotte Pike

Student cookbooks are trending in all of our bookstores this season. Aside from the ultra popular, nosh cookbook every newspaper columnist swears by, for students, you can choose this pretty book – it doesn’t look as stapled together as the nosh one but it’s still worth just as much for your food kick during evenings after lectures. When you are a student, the thing that worries us all is being on a small budget.

We don’t have the means to go out partying every night, unless if you are secretly that rich kid at university, who drives a Corvette, and parties till dawn at clubs, because you can afford to do so, and still be on what’s supposed to really be a meagre student loan! What’s that about….students going back home with chinese food, and chopsticks in paper boxes every night?

Fast dinners, a quick bite to eat for lunch can become troubling for you, so whip out the fajitas and the chilli, the veggie soups, and the jacket potatoes with the “made-by-you” dips for staying in with mates. It’s time to cook with your socks on for that vegetarian Bolognese in a shared kitchen so tiny, you wish you knew how to do a Home Alone!

The Long Haul: Book 9, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney

This is the 9th instalment in the absolutely hilarious illustrated works of a family on the road, where everything has gone crazy, fun, what was slated to be a really promising travelling time. Prepare to meet gas-station washrooms, funky seagulls, and a pig on the runway, as Grey Heffley enters a bizarre new world of hilarity.


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