Where’s Cool To Dine In L.A. ?

Brilliantshine. This is one of the coolest spots in Los Angeles to grab a bite to eat in Santa Monica. If you feel the heat is getting too much, like those afternoons we have here, when it feels like we might just because of the amazing sunshine, casually go on fire as we are working, then chill out at their wonder-bar.

The menu is Peruvian, if thats what floats your boat, but you do have the occassional American, French, Italian dishes. Vodka, Bourbon, London Dry, is surprisingly popular in a place that claims to be inspired from the mystical Peru, but there is no need to be so surprised because the drinks here are there speciality.

Do you not like the shaken or the stirred enough? Too comfortable for your drinking habits as a Brit? Then just stick to their most favourite editions. For the food, its supposed to be sitting on the side of you can choose the fish, that’s what they do amazing off, whether its striped bass or scallops.

If you absolutely have to have meat on your dish, post the usual American breakfast, or the only time of the day you can actually get a good steak here, then you can go for the classic chicken wings or the rib sandwich.


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