Where’s Cool To Dine In L.A. ?

Maude. Maude is one interesting food station in Los Angeles. It has a single ingredient as the theme each month of the year, and all of the dishes on the menu are crafted from that one ingredient.

Helmed by chef Curtis Stone, the place is minute, catering to only 25 people so expect more of Australian hospitality at your disposal at the fixed-price bistro.

Curtis has long held dreams of having his very own, tiny restaurant, where the foods come fresh off the plantations, season after season. Because that way you can have a menu that is always fresh, different and healthy, cooked in an open kitchen.

Nine separate dishes are crafted from one ingredient, and this way you can understand how that one singular ingredient, such as tomatoes, can go from a tomato salad to a braised short rib. In 2015, if you love Australian food, look out for the parsnip and the fennel celebrations – if the Mexican street food/Vitello Tonnato are anything to go by, they will prove to be completely delicious!


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