Top 10 Films Of 2014

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson is famed in certain Hollywood circles, for being snubbed over his earlier films, save for the 2009 Mr. Fantastic Fox, such as Moonrise Kingdom (2012) because of the lack of emotional attachment with the plotline and everything.

But this European flair in powder-pink that sometimes reminds you of Mrs. Thatcher’s clothes (or is it Professor Dolores Umbridge, from the Harry Potter franchise?), he has achieved quite a little marvellous feat. It is a world of hotels, castles, on alpine landscapes, where the womanizer Monsieur Gustave,  is also a mastermind at manoeuvres. The thrill of the film lies in the heartracing adventures he has, and how he reaches the end of it all, winning a pot of gold. Rating: 10/10.


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