Top 10 Films Of 2014

3. The Imitation Game. This film has turned out to be a cult British classic, all set to win good in the Academy Awards race, as we can look forward to later on this month. Benedict Cumberbatch, who made quite a name for himself back in the United Kingdom, playing notable film roles, such as that of Sherlock, takes a grand leap of performance now.

Here, he plays Alan Turing, which is quite a feat from the smaller Star Trek roles that he has done in films in the past. This is about an enigmatic code breaking episode during WWII, when Turing, a closet gay, at a time when homosexuality was illegal, is recruited by Churchill to crack Hitler’s code – a feat of message sending that the Allies could use to privately send messages, without interference from any spying habits. Rating: 8/10.


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