Mary Rose

The British warship, from Tudor times, Mary Rose, holds many secrets. Here are a few, that you can marvel at 500 years post its sinking:

Henry VIII is known for many things in this part of the world – from his numerous wives to his personal equation with Thomas Cromwell, but what you probably didn’t know is that Mary Rose was actually the former king’s flagship water vessel for more than 3 decades.

Although, originally built in 1511, in Portsmouth, to protect English borders from the French navy, the Scottish fleet, its first battle came just the year afterwards, where the ship fought alongside the Spanish, and against the French.

The ship would carry a lot of passengers during wartime, but most of the sailors were quite young, in the teenage years and early twenties, who could cope with the tough and heavy crowded conditions on board. Eventually the ship sank in battle in 1545 and many men aboard it drowned, with only a handful of them being able to paddle to safe shores.

Most common causes of sinking are attributed to human negligence, too many sailors, cargo, or strong gusts of violent wind, that made the wooden ship so unstable, it eventually sank. The only surviving items from the ship today are a lot of wooden plates, that underwent thorough preservation and now lie at the Mary Rose Museum.


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