Gone Girl

Gone Girl Poster.jpg
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This film is based off a book, and the theme is really dark in nature. Rosamund Pike plays a wife who goes missing, following a public spat, and numerous falling outs, on her marriage anniversary to Nick Dunn. Originally, madly in love, the couple fall apart over Nick repeatedly cheating on her, over his bad temper issues, and resentment soon starts to brew into their picture perfect marriage.

They reside in Missouri in a suburb atmosphere, and the house is found in an upside down state when Amy goes missing. There are glass shards everywhere, and even traces of blood, which gives some the suspicion that her husband is behind the disappearance. Nick is a self-involved bar owner, who doesn’t seem to really miss his wife gone.

The performances are praiseworthy, notable in places, and the ending will surely blow anyone looking for a perfect closure to the whole episode, away but what was particularly interesting about the entire film was the brainteasers that were thrown around throughout the plotline – you will never figure out, what actually caused the disapperance of Amy Dunne, making the film an effective page-turner, just like the book.

Film rating; 8/10.


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