Into The Woods

Into the Woods film poster.jpg
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Into the Woods is a magical fairytale that spun out of Broadway circa 1987 and into our screens, starring a host of well-known actors, from Johhny Depp to Meryl Streep. It is a mash of numerous fairytales but not the kind you get to see in Shrek no, where its a laughathon after another, no.

This is more of an eerie film that also has prominent musical chords, as some of your favourite classics, from Cinderella to Jack the Beanstalk, are seen making an appearance. The film is interesting right up until you get to see the Baker’s wife with her own dillemmas, but right after that it gets a little bit melodramatic – you might want tissues with that paper box of popcorn!

Film rating: 7/10.


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