Wild Tales

Relatos salvajes.jpg
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My only favourite at the Foreign Language Film category, Wild Tales, is the kind of film you wish you saw more of. Hailing from Argentina, the film is told in six separate stories: when the film opens, it opens with a tale about an airplane journey where there is flirtation and conversation about culture going on. Following that there is a tale about a waitress, who has to serve a man that drove her father to suicide – he is a loan shark, now running for mayor.

There is also a tale on violent road behaviour; a tale on a folk hero for modern times; a tale on an affluent patriarch who wants to buy his son out of road trouble, a tale on the vengeful ‘certified loser’; and finally a tale on a wedding turned upside down when infidelity is discovered in the bridegroom.

The acting is rock-solid, the film is stylish, and the production design charts the hippest spots of Buenos Aires. Get the fajitas and the burritos out, if you enjoy a good Latin American celebration of culture because there is plenty of that in this film!

Film rating: 6/10.


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