Begin Again

Begin Again film poster 2014.jpg
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Begin Again is a film on music and the scars of infidelity. The cast is build up of an eclectic mix, from Mark Ruffalo to Keira Knightley, and the soundtrack is certainly well-thought of but the movie isn’t that deep as it appears to be from the promos – it is more light fodder for when you need an easy drama.

Gretta is a singer who dreams of making it big, and hits the lucky note when she meets a record producer bent on sending his career towards a downward spiral, Dan. Gretta is about to set her life straight, as is Dan but their miserable episodes do not interwine.

Gretta was dumped by her rockstar boyfriend, and he is an insensitive soul – he has somehow messed up her soulful ballads and taken the eloquent delicacy of it and turned it into a pop-party ballad. Dan, by contrast is no longer at the helm of a record company he himself founded.

The movie is good for the soundtrack, for the journey of the female protagonist from an aspiring songstress to a budding new star, but in the other parts, it simply drawls on – there is too much stuffy summery Manhattan in the air, which although good on lazy days, is not quite the same when you overpower it with deep-pocketed ambition.

Film rating: 6/10.


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