The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie poster.jpg
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The Lego Movie is an animated film from Warner Brothers that is different. It does involve toys, and plenty of action, but these are Lego toys – a bonafide treasured child’s plaything, across generations.

The movie does looked jammed up in spaces but perhaps that is the animators trying to visualise the mechanical world of the toys, where they feel as if they could come apart at the seams, but still project a sense of dependability – did you never make life size LEGO figures?

I did, numerous times, sometimes even how LEGO would eagerly send out all these complicated model figurines for us kids to play with and build a real-life edition of it. The film is heavy on the graphics and a stunning skill of eye-popping colours, smoothly translated into a fun, slapstick comedy that is packed with goodies.

The piece by piece concept of the toys is made into the fabrics of the story, where the protagonist, Emmet, is a construction worker, in love with his tractor, his dungaree and his egg sandwiches. Emmet is a peg-head who loves to gab with his neighbours on Bricksburg about a favourite sitcom “Where Are My Pants?”, drink designer coffee prices at $37 per mug, and simply adores the dancing-robot-disco anthem “Everything Is Awesome”.

The motley-crew here consists of Vitruvius, a white-haired wizard, a ‘popular’ Brit hero, who flew in all the way from Gotham City, Batman, the unconventional and confused superhero, Green Lantern, and even a political figure, you would be hard pressed to forget in this day and age: Abraham Lincoln.

Emmet only knows what is a licorice Twizzler/Haribo Colas and loves to pull those, so when he falls in love with the sexy minifigure Wyldstyle, he meets the motley crew who believe he can overthrow President Business and do away with corporate anarchy and mayhem and make the world, or at least their tiny town, a safer place. The film’s theme is: “If you build it, life will be awesome” and indeed the funny episodes are out to prove to you just that – if you love over-the-top snide comedies.

Film rating: 10/10.


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