Christopher Nolan has brought a world of intergalactic travels into the cinemascope this timearound. With Matthew McConaughey in the lead, the film explores the love storybetween a father and his daughter, which has been lauded as a risky venture,
and the main theme of the movie: intergalactic themes. Nolan has tried to
conjure a world, similar to the kind Stanley Kubrick has been known to revolve
around in. There is a black talking
robot, called TARS in the movie, that communicates with Cooper (Matthew
McConaughey) throughout the movie, somehow making up for the absence of familial
affection in space. 

Cooper is a widow and a former pilot, who is convinced by a
NASA scientist to take a space cruise, in order to discover new planets.
Partnering with another fellow scientist, Amelia (Anne Hathaway) he meets
another astronaut from a previous journey, who aims to help him during his
travels, and time is running out fast because here one hour equals seven years
on Earth, which is why the next time that you get to meet Cooper’s daughter,
she is all grown up into a really graceful lady. The film ends safely,
irrigated with a powerpump for Cooper, though as he finally gets a chance to
see his daughter, all grown up, back on Earth.

Film rating: 7/10.


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