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Jake Gyllenhaal is back on the silverscreen with a new role, this time playing a fringe dweller native to Los Angeles, who makes a living off stolen scrap metal parts. Jake lost 30 pounds for the role, so expect to say goodbye to the days of the seriously dashing good looks a.k.a. Sands of Time – is it that hard to say no to the possibility of his face being on lunchboxes, specially for playing an exotic Prince in far-off locales?

Jake shines in this film, than ever before, as Lou Bloom, but its confusing as to why he had to shed that weight exactly because he is only playing a character with no soul, no heart, he doesn’t really have to do gaunt. But his eyes do speak volumes about the depth of the character, in the night, and the bizarre antics he spends his time with, earning a living from. Why does he do this is perhaps far easier to explain! He is addicted to the thrill of the steal, of trying to find out a story worthy of a sell, the chase is too much for him and he decides right then and there to become a “nightcrawler”.

Film rating: 7/10.


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