The Judge

The Judge 2014 film poster.jpg
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Robert Downey Jr.
appears in a courtroom drama, a refreshing change from his stints as a
superhero, Iron Man, and controversially, as a British literary legend,
Sherlock Holmes. The film cannot help but remind you of a heady rush fanatic
days of John Grisham/courtroom drama sitcoms circa 1990s.

The shows, the books,
the films, were overwhelmingly huge, during that decade, so to bring it all
back circa 2014 was certainly a well-calculated risk that has pulled off in
certain circles, because the crowd is ever always hungry for legal thrillers.

The most prominent acting in this film, however is not from Robert Downey Jr.
but instead Robert Duvall, who plays his father in the movie. Duvall’s role is
that of a local judge, who has run into a tight spot following a hit-and-run
case, and Hank Palmer (Downey Jr.) is left to fight for his case in his
village-esque Indiana hometown.

Film rating: 7/10.


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