Virunga documentary poster.png
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Virunga is a documentary covering the corruption that is heckling some of nature’s most
treasured possessions, living on a UNESCO site in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This special protected park is home to Earth’s last ever mountain gorillas, and numerous other organisms, such as hippopotamuses, and exotic birds, who every single day, get to experience the beauty of snowfields in Rwenzori, situated high up at 5,000m.

When you get bored from all of that, you can even follow the intelligent animals towards the lava plains, the savannahs, and the deadly volcanoes. But life here isn’t that peaceful, as this documentary produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, would have you know. There is
bribery afloat in the magical jungle, the sudden arrival of oil interests, too many violent episodes trying to rattle nature and all that reside here. The park is essential to the positive economic performance of Africa, and the continent is already getting far too famous for bloodiness than can ever be deemed too comfortable.

Film rating: 7/10.


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