This is a documentary about Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor,
who leaked information about a plan on massive surveillance, somewhere over a
year ago. As an advocate of freedom of speech, freedom to live a life free from
intrusion, he is fighting for greater awareness on how the American government
regularly and continuously abuses the need to made a strict code of
transparency over how they conduct matters. 

In Hong Kong, Snowden permitted
film-makers to visit him and carry out an elaborate interview, featured in this
documentary over how American citizens do not get a chance to live a life free
from government intrusion electronically and in numerous, other technological
endeavours, such as what kind of conversations transpire over phone calls, text
messages, and what goes on when you surf the net. Therefore, this documentary
is probing over your consciousness about how much you know, and how much is
kept secret from you.

Film rating: 8/10.


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