How To Train Your Dragon 2

A dark haired boy, holding a helmet by his side, his friends and a black dragon behind him: Dragons are flying overhead.
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How To Train Your Dragon 2 is the sequel to the
highly successful, How To Train Your Dragon – a tale of a human boy and his
loyal pet. Some thickheaded Norsemen never seem to get along with their
fire-breathing dragons, residing in Berk. Hiccup and Toothless are not those however, because they are practically
inseparable as mates, but things are rather lukewarm inbetween Hiccup and his
father, Stoick. There is a motley crew on board, but the storyline is still
persistent because it moves the whole tale forward from a moment in time, which
is what you really think of, when you think of animated sequels.

In this movie,
you meet Valka, Hiccup’s mother who comes up to Berk after disappearing years ago,
abandoning the family in the process, and choosing to live with flying lizards,
instead, peacefully. One character in the movie states,

 ”Good dragons under
the control of bad people do bad things.”

So the moral of the story here, is
that even if you are a stowaway, there is still hope for you. By why would you
be a stowaway? Because when Draco Bludvist is in want of serious blood, there
is very little you can do but become a stowaway – Bludvist is a banal, cartoon,
evil, who wears a dragon-skin cape, and has a jaunty snarl. You have to watch
the entire film, to witness the rest of the story but you can expect plenty of
fire, water, and candy-green ice moving seamlessly in the storyline – it’s
fantabously delicious!

Film rating: 8/10.


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