The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls poster.jpg
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The Boxtrolls is a stop-motion film, where you
spot gremlins, dressed in cardboard attires, and they look like turtle shells,
coming out at night to converse at the Dumpster-dive. There is not enough of
Brit wit in the film, nor is there any twisted landscape, such as that of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but there is
plenty of inventiveness in the form of folklore. There is a rumour going around
town, that is a huge lie, that the Boxtrolls eat children, in fact they are
their favourite dish.

But this isn’t true, and “Red Hat” Archibald
Snatcher, the main antagonist in the film is incessant upon nothing else but
just this. Archibald thinks that if he can somehow remove the Boxtrolls, he
will manage to win over the topnotch leaders, who control the city and love to
dine with cheese and wine, all the time – shocking, because they reside in
Cheesebridge! Eggs, a young boy who lives with The Boxtrolls, gets afraid of
all of this – he has always believed he is a Boxtroll.

There is ballroom
dancing in a closed off environment, namely in a boxed-off underground quarter, and the streets of Cheesebridge are high
and morph into a snakelike maze. The world is certainly very charming, and the
costumes are very detail-oriented, even the frayed stitching, the gleaming
nonsensical badges on the coats of the posh people. In this movie, society is
segregated based on class, but it is a ridiculous society, and that is just the
point of it all – how to live frivolously finely and enjoy it!

Film rating: 8/10.


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