The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything (2014).png
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The Theory of Everything is a film on the life and works of Stephen Hawking. It stars British stars, such as Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, who try to traverse through the storyline to recreate the pop culture phenomenon that Hawking has become in recent years, but on screen. Black holes, the Big Bang, cosmology are all Hawking’s domain – he had to struggle a lot as a student, during his time at Cambridge University.

In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any that chose to believe in him at all, but in the end, his ingenuity persevered. Inflicted with motor-neuron disease, he has been confined to a wheelchair for most of his life, but the movie shows you the Hawking that existed before this and before he was a star before darkness strikes his life with no pity at all, before selfishness tries to topple his life but fails, spectacularly. He is a budding
Ph.D. Student at Cambridge, in the ‘60s, sporting a mop of ginger brown hair, a cunning/naughty smile, and Buddy Holly spectacles that he perceives to be really, really cool.

This is a time when he goes to a student mixer (frat party/house party/pub crawl in today’s times) and meets and falls in love with a radiant fellow student, majoring in poetry, Jane. His world begins to collapse, right that instant because the disease tries to take control of his life. However, this was precisely the time that Hawking was actually expanding his frontiers in gaining new knowledge and pushing the boundaries of scientific change, mentally. Jane and Stephen, team up to fight the disease and stop it
from derailing their life completely, and Stephen continues his journey to push ahead with his pursuits of discovering scientific theories about the universe, that will contribute to and transform how the whole wide world looks at science.

The sheen on the film makes it elite, but the emotions, the humanity of the film is touching, to say the least, but what is awe-inspiring is his striking intellect – watching him makes you feel the hopelessness that must have come thunderously upon him, to stop, at all cost, any cost, at every cost, from rising the way, his intellect comes back to do everytime. But this film is meant to be a celebration of a beautiful mind, an inspiring life and you meet Jane who brings all of this in, sometimes even comically, in an unassuming way – you get to see how difficult a life she had to lead as the woman who had to deal with the infuriating frustration, that came as a result of the commitment she wholeheartedly made to always be with him.

Film rating: 8/10.


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