The Academy Awards!

The Academy Awards is the most prestigious award show in Hollywood – there are so many of them, and not just in America, but around the globe, that it is hard to keep track of which is the hippest, which outdid themselves this year and which just absolutely has to be the most emerging powerhouse of recognizing talent, these days! Winning an Academy Award, or even getting nominated, means that people now look at you as a serious actor, as someone who can do proper drama.

It is extremely difficult to win an Academy Award, when most of your work involves
comedies or romantic comedies (animated films do not count!) because the
Academy does pick favourites – sci-fi is only being recognized as a serious
contender for the awards, now. In the earliest days, or even just a couple of
years back, it has just been serious drama, or animated films that ever
received nods from the Academy. It takes approximately 21 days to come up with
the nomination for the films, right before they are announced, so it is similar
for your pick on the winners too. The system is really, really fair and it goes
something like this:

The first ever Academy Awards was held in May 1929 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood,
and the guestlist included many prominent celebrities, such as the silent actor
Douglas Fairbanks. The statue came out as a 13-inch tall gold-plated statuette,
designed by MGM and the awards are decided upon by members of the Academy, which
number in the thousands today. The members consist of elected people, chosen by
at least two members, for their services to the film industry or anyone who has
been invited to join upon receiving a nomination.

The members join for life and includes a motley crew of Hollywood insiders, major Hollywood figures, producers, actors and directors. Most of the members are almost into their 60s, white and male and they are very deeply interested in the next big Hollywood
thing. You also have the “steak eaters” who can be writers, and
directors as well, and are very aligned with the Academy’s interests, in
film-making, and almost always associated with Oscar-nominated films, and spend
most of their time, quietly trying to influence their peers for the Academy.

Classic Hollywood!

Classic Hollywood! by osmianannya featuring christmas home decor

Almost everybody in the cultural section are deeply involved with the predictions for
Oscars but I have no idea who would win. Normally, the Screen Actor’s Guild
Awards, predict winners for the Academy, even when they vary for the Golden
Globes or the BAFTAs but that isn’t always true, especially in recent times,
because it can get as unpredictable as can be imagined. But speaking of movies,
do you have any particular favourites, you would really, really badly like to
see win? Do you have any films lined up to catch right away? Here, are some of
my favourite classic films that are so winter-themed it is perfect to warm up
to, after a really hard day’s work!


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