Top 10 Music Videos From The ‘90s

1. Wannabe, Spice Girls.

British pop divas, Spice Girls, made a breakthrough on music charts, with Wannabe. Known to be outspoken and always in-control of their music, the girl group sparked an enormous trend of “girl power” prevailing all over society. There is splicing of hip-hop, pop and rap, as the words cover female friendship and ask you to empower yourself as a female.

The song had received plenty of airplay in the United Kingdom, which resulted in extensive coverage in teen magazines, television interviews, and fashion photoshoots. Spice Girls is the biggest pop group to emerge out of the United Kingdom, after Take That, and as far as all-girl bands are concerned, most definitely the most successful. So, many years later, they are still cultural icons of significance, with an enduring and long-lasting impact.

2. Livin’ La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin.

Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin spurned on a breakthrough for Latin pop in Hollywood. After numerous stints at the Grammys, Livin’ La Vida Loca, became one of the best-selling records of all time, earning widespread critical acclaim and chart-topping success. The music video spells out seductively at a pub, as Martin sings on stage and croons with his band, animatedly. The dancing in the music video is very complicated, even when he is trying to win a lady over, with sleek dance moves thrown in.

3. The Power of Love, Celine Dion.

Celine Dion is a Canadian music artist, known for her very powerful vocals. Dabbling in French music first, she later led her opera-esque artistry into the world of European music first, and then later onto a global stage. Ever since music videos took over the world, driven by the pop influence of MJ circa ‘80s, Celine Dion has emerged as a soulful alternative to all the dance-oriented performances, and the single to do it all for her was: The Power of Love in 1994. Nominated for a Grammy, an American Music Award, the single is regularly featured in her concert tours and “best of” compilations.

4. Golden Eye, Tina Turner.

The song, Golden Eye, has been composed by Bono and Edge (off U2), and is a salute to the fascinatingly deadly world of James Bond. American singer, Tina Turner is a legend, because of her numerous hit singles during the ‘60s and the ’70s, such as A Fool In Love and River Deep – Mountain High. Following a high profile breakup in the ’80s and an attempt at resurrecting her career, Tina found considerable success once more, but never again of the same stature. The music video is interesting to watch because of the extensively elaborate glamorous world of Bond.

5. I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston.

The film The Bodyguard, was instrumental in caricaturing how difficult fame is to many people, and we are not talking about the star, showered with fame. Whitney Houston played an Oscar-nominated pop-diva in the film, who falls in love with her bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner, as her life is suddenly placed under threat, from a mentally unstable fan who constantly stalks her and sends her death threats. Charted as one of the greatest singles in the history of music singles, all the way back, since the beginning of time, especially in Great Britain, I Will Always Love You is also terribly romantic.

6….Baby One More Time, Britney Spears.

Britney Spears made a debut with the poptastic song …Baby One More Time, in 1999, the same year as Christina Aguilera also found stardom. Both were part of the The Mickey Mouse Club, and found success worldwide, hitting the number one spot in every country, whose airplay it visited. Provocative for a teen idol, Spears appears in the music video as a young Catholic high school student, daydreaming when school will be over for her to indulge in fun activities.

In her dreams, she is singing and dancing around school, as well as exhibiting some sleek dance moves in the process from her training as a ballerina. The music video alone, played an important role in contributing to the social commentary on whether or not, it is appropriate for the very, very ambitious, budding, young stars to participate in such an adult and “grown up” storyline.

7. Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera.

Teen pop was huge during the ‘90s and Christina Aguilera was undoubtedly the most talented of them all. Numerous Grammy wins aside, her debut single, Genie in a Bottle, was a song that touched on sexuality and self-respect. Hailed by contemporary music lovers, somewhat, Aguilera’s vocals were pointed out as an important contribution to the song’s endearing likability and success. The music video was not as provocative as the lyrics of the song, and was shot in Malibu, California. This song began a long and glittering career for the young star, who always wanted to make it big in music, since the days of crooning to children, as one part of the act, The Mickey Mouse Club.

8. Barbie Girl, Aqua.

Aqua was synonymous with music videos that had a fun element present. Hailing from Norway and even dabbling in Dutch roots, the music band is most known for their breakthrough hit, Barbie Girl. They made a name for themselves playing to crowds that had no clue about continental European dance music, such as the United States and Japan. Inspired by frivolous German artwork, the song is about two dolls, Barbie and Ken, from Mattel. The song exists to function as a social commentary on the impact the two dolls have had on Western society.

9. Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden.

The Australian pop band, Savage Garden, is composed of Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones. The music is romantic and ethereal, and was a continuous success, during the last days of 1997. But in 1998, the song, Truly Madly Deeply, was never off the charts, or off the radio, standing firmly on the top, despite being knocked off a fair few times by “on the spur” ballad hits. The music video features Darren on a red couch with longer hair, once, and strolling through Paris for most of the time, in a European avatar.

10. Don’t Speak, No Doubt.

No Doubt was huge during the ‘90s. Although, more commercially successful than Grammy-winning, the band belted out numerous hit singles, one after another, throughout the era. Don’t Speak was at the height of them all, and the song charted Gwen Stefani’s relationship with the band’s bassist, Tony Kanal. They were in a relationship for seven long years and the single was written to commemorate all of that, and the video has to be seen to be believed. There is a lot of fashion in the air, from polka dots to sparkling/shimmering bangles. It was the most widely-played song on American radio in 1996.


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