Top 10 Music Videos From The ‘90s

6….Baby One More Time, Britney Spears.

Britney Spears made a debut with the poptastic song …Baby One More Time, in 1999, the same year as Christina Aguilera also found stardom. Both were part of the The Mickey Mouse Club, and found success worldwide, hitting the number one spot in every country, whose airplay it visited. Provocative for a teen idol, Spears appears in the music video as a young Catholic high school student, daydreaming when school will be over for her to indulge in fun activities.

In her dreams, she is singing and dancing around school, as well as exhibiting some sleek dance moves in the process from her training as a ballerina. The music video alone, played an important role in contributing to the social commentary on whether or not, it is appropriate for the very, very ambitious, budding, young stars to participate in such an adult and “grown up” storyline.


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