The Broome Hotel

After opening two brassieres in Manhattan, Jean Claude and L’Orange Bleue, they have opened a boutique hotel, in Soho, called The Broome Hotel. The NYC hotel has 14 bedrooms, adorned with souvenirs from local shops, a café boasting artworks from Keith Haring.

Pastries, freshly baked breads, coffee and croissants are served up here, and they are absolutely delicious. The café looks a little bit like Parisian bistros, with mini tables and chairs sitting in the courtyard.

You can also sample some of the chocolates and orange candies they have in-house, and daydream what it must be like to actually be able to afford all of the numerous shopping located here, that you really badly want to indulge yourself in.

The neighbourhood is littered with cast-iron buildings, lofts of artists lofts, and the hotel is based in a hotel in 1825. The hotel has a beautiful view of the starry night sky from the balcony, and is really constructed in the style of classic European architecture.

The furnishings are all from NYC, and the penthouse style space has decorations from a floor lamp, sofa, and a desk lamp, courtesy of NYC designers. There is a boutique in the lobby of the hotel selling clothing and accessories, if you like to have your shopping as one-of-a-kind.


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