Gambit is one of my all-time favourite superheroes from the X-Men franchise, created by none other than MARVEL. As a mutant, Gambit is a smooth-talking womanizer, who has a steamy affair with the trashy mouth, Rogue. He falls madly in love with his team-mate upon joining X-Men and their on/off relationship acts as the contrasting love arc inbetween some of the other romantic relationships that grows out of the pretty big mutant team. Knowledgeable, skilled in throwing cards, combat and manipulating KE as he sees fit, Gambit hits a low-point in life because of his love for Rogue, during the breaking up points, and also because of his past connections with the villain Mister Sinister. 

Creating a very harmful/stressful environment, he only shows his weak spot for Rogue. Hailing from Louisiana, which he is very proud of, he absolutely loves cajun spices. A film on Gambit is FINALLY slated for a release in October next year, and it stars Channing Tatum, in the lead, which is a surprise. Channing is mostly known for his good looks, although off-late he has shown some good credibility playing young roles in heavyweight dramas, so to have him play the very strong Gambit can be looked as a very interesting choice of mis-casting, but perhaps we can learn more about the plotline of the film based on Gambit, closer to the release dates. For now, here’s Channing Tatum commenting on the role:

“Gambit was always like the woman-loving, cigarette-smoking, drinking guy.“


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