The fifth edition of the very brilliant Bourne franchise is seeing a return to cinemascreens next summer. Matt Damon returns once again, after a very long time, to reprise a role that was very different from the poignant dramas he is known to like to do. More often than not, the super-spy lands up in trouble through no fault of his own, and its not just that he also has memory troubles along the way, as enemies keep on striking at him, mercilessly, in one episode after another, in a fast-paced action environment. 

Thankfully, the mediocre edition of the Bourne series, without Matt Damon has been shelved because the first two films were a resounding success, practically establish Damon’s credentials in being able to pull off something other than heartwrenching dramas. Damon has insisted that he would only get involved with the Bourne series once more, if the right script comes along his way, and this one was the one that did it for him, which we are glad about because it is always exciting to see a good action film!


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