How To Be A Fittie Like Kate Beckinsale!


Pearl Harbour was a good film, appreciated by the audience and critics alike, getting nominated at the Academy Awards, four times. The film was a tragic story of lives, ripped apart by war, and two love-stories from a nurse, who had to learn to live with the ravages of war, despite initially not intending to get involve in romantic matters at all. Headstrong and bookish, Evelyn has an affair with two air pilots, but not at the same time. She comes to believe that her first lover, Rafe, got killed off in the war, and ends up heartbroken and lonely, after spending all these seasons, waiting for him to come back to her.

But eventually, she learns to let go and moves on with his best friend, and the two have another love story, even more passionate than her first. But then Rafe returns, and lets everyone at the harbour know that his death was incorrectly reported, but finds that Evelyn has already moved on. Then Pearl Harbour happens, and there are many deaths but both Rafe and Evelyn survive and continue their life together. Evelyn was played by Kate Beckinsale, and she is brilliant in the role – it was one of her starriest roles, to date, aside from Serendipity, ofcourse. She always manages to look fit-as-a-fiddle, no matter which role she chooses to play onscreen, and for her Red Carpet appearances, too.

She swears by yoga and tai-chi, which aims to increase her strength and stamina, alongside relaxing her amidst her hectic schedule, which often includes globe-trotting because of her status as an actress. A strong gym-freak she goes there five times in a week, but really loves to work indoors than go on one too many aerobics under the sun – people watching her do the warrior pose from yoga, for example, which she likes a lot, really gives her the creeps. Cardio, circuit training, running on the treadmill, crunches, squats, leg raises, and basic workouts, for a good hour or so makes her feel refreshed.


Growing old gracefully, is important to Kate because she sees it as a natural process. As a child she was always the last to get picked for anything to do with sports, was really negative towards the idea of gym, and only gave it serious thought when she had to get in shape for her role in Pearl Harbour. At the time, no one she knew in London-town were obsessive about it – aerobics has never been huge in our country.

She was so bad with workouts during Pearl Harbour, that she didn’t even know how to run properly, unless it involved flailing her arms around like a total goofball, and panting like crazy. That was a seriously funny shot! It was really because she was still that kid, with a penchant for a deep-rooted hatred for gym-time. She shouldn’t feel intimidated by the stunt co-ordinator on sets though – whenever, I have a hard time with workouts, I keep my head down and keep slogging, until I feel relaxed enough to feel good in my bones.

Yeah, no one likes to be photographed on their bad days, or worse enough constantly being picketed like they are doing something wrong attempting to workout, their own unique way. This kind of nastiness is really off-putting but during those ‘tensed up/negative’ days it’s good to just dig into your salad bowl and hope that your workout is managing to keep you fit for the party tonight – self-assurance is the most important quality you should have, when attempting staying fit.

But how about grappling with setbacks? Does she tackle it all with a rigorous fitness routine too? In fact, no, she actually pursues it with the help of intensive work, filming as many films as her schedule can permit her to. She likes to spend time with her family, especially on Sundays, which she idealises as time for them all to get together for a round of yoga, followed by a cross-country hike – quite, nothing like bonding, is there to her? She doesn’t warm to driving, so always hitches a ride in her assistant’s car, she has named “the hoopty” because it’s really broken down – she loves it because it is so unlike her star-status.

Her diet is amazing, she loves to have hard-boiled eggs and oatmeal, for breakfast, with hummus and kale chips, thrown in as snack-time. For lunch, there needs to be a veggie wrap, chicken with steamed brown rice, and finally, for dinner, she has to have, grilled fish and baked beans. Sounds divine! I’ll remember that next time, I freak out over having too many lemons and not enough of carbs!


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