How To Handle Work E-mails

Getting on top of emails for work can be so challenging – it seems like and endless pool of sifting through your important ones, spam, things you should respond to, things you should check out, like promotions from your favourite shopping haunt (MANGO!).


But you need to do this, you need to get on top of it, it’s not smart to fall behind, with your workload. Get quick and fast, just like emails, for the office:

  • Read emails as they come in, or something close, answer at once, unless you are feeling too lazy or busy with tasks – if so, then take a mental note to respond to them in the next couple of days.
  • Place email responses in the subject line, rather than getting repetitive with a new message.
  • Don’t do clingy – reply to an email, only when you have something important to say. Don’t reply to an email just because…!
  • Have an automatic signature, function, in your email, so that people can know how to ring you, or send you snail mail.
  • Do not waste your precious time and cutback on being independent after getting successful, by acknowledging you have received an email. You are two steps away from being that annoying boyfriend/girlfriend who needs to constantly check on their partner = “Have you had dinner yet?”, ‘What time do you get off work, today? Is it different from the time you got off yesterday?“, except worse this is for work……Email and phone, with the same message? Really? NO! Get busy with your life!
  • Don’t insert the recipients’ address into the email, before constructing the body of the email because on clumsy days you might end up sending the email, incomplete.
  • Ring the person you want to converse with, if you are going back-and-forth with a particular conversation in emails, because this is really not going anywhere productive is it?
  • Don’t do emails out of frustration and anger – get calm, at first, think things through and then pounce on crafting an eloquent electronic letter to someone off work.



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