Surprising Truths About Losing Your Job

When you lose a job, it hits your self-esteem hard. I have tried to imagine what failure at work must be like, because I have never had any professional setbacks myself, and the picture is dreary and not as glamorous as they make it out to be – brown boxes you carry with your items, stationery and books.

So, rather than wallow in self-pity, take a moment to reflect on how to pounce on your next big adventure:

Give yourself some time to plan!

Take a couple of hours, weeks to ponder over what should be your next move. Resist temptations to dive right-back into the workforce, this is not a good way to get over a shocking experience. How about trying out a different field, something you have wanted to do as a child? You could start a business, hone your skills, work on coming up with new selling points on what you can offer your prospective new employer, learn the wonders of social networking, or even go back to school, and learn a new course.

Take up a temp-job!

But don’t let your boss know that!…learn from the experience, work on your networking skills, freelance when you get the opportunity, and stock-up on the paychecks, as you attempt to find your perfect role. You might even discover that you do not need a full-time job to stay happy, positive and secure. While you are at your temp-job, locate employers, whose work-ethic you can identify with, because they will appreciate your enthusiasm for the role. Too many layoffs in this present climate, mean that you should expect a lot of competition for the same role.

Take a vacation!

Still feeling overworked since you lost your job? Why not take a holiday to amp up the feel-good vibe, as you contemplate your next move. Get a few cheap drinks, throw a party, and celebrate “finding some perspective”. Get some sleep, do some reading, you will miss those days soon, when you never had anything to do – at that time, you need to workout how to find enough time, to do it all, including have fun.

When you are enjoying yourself, take notes to try to pull yourself together from the mess you have just landed yourself in: work out on how you can see the positive side of this, where can you GO to get THAT job that you REALLY WANT?…you can pull through don’t worry, life is never that hard, when you are smart enough! Think hard: you lost your job, but does that really mean you will never find another job? No, it doesn’t, that’s fantasy-talk! Just don’t spend too much time trying to figure things out, because up-and-down the country, people are running out of their unemployment benefits – don’t be them!



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