The 10th Shanghai Biennale

It’s the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Biennale, and the celebration lasts all the way until the end of March. The Power Station of Art, has suddenly become the home of a towering industrial complex, converting the country’s first state-run contemporary art space into an ambition curatorial narrative. 

The exhibition is something else, stationed in the middle of a city complex, filled with vibrant art from around the globe. According to the young curator, Anslem Franke, who is a Berliner, it is very difficult to come across cities that share the documentation of times, in as much vivid detail as Shanghai. 

The city is growing modern by day, and still remains just as dark since the days of Mao Zedong, at night. China aims to become a society, with numerous cultures interspersing together to fight off the strife that came with having a post-industrial legacy. 

There is a reflective portrait of Asian fathers, sci-fi animation from China, a bamboo frame concept that is flying almost, emerging out from interfering passion fruit plants, mesmerising films about local peasants, carnations and rare artefacts, and modern-day Detroit, as some of the notable works in the exhibition.


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