The Coolest Ski Resort Of Lech, Austria

Fine dining, posh wine, breathtaking winter views, spectacular skiing atmospheres, this resort has it all. Although, exclusive and difficult to book a place in, that is not even the hardest part: it is the snow-covered routes. Like, most roads in Europe, this valley is decked out in snow, and placed together with the Arlberg valley because of the prominent railway presence, the trunk road and a smattering of numerous other resorts, alongside chalets, hotels atop Zurs, a Lech satellite, that really cannot be deemed attractive, no matter how you look at it, and based on a low-altitude level, to enjoy all of the cold with.

The place is already whipped, with wind, and difficult to call home even if the natural beauty makes you want it to, and this is mostly because the transport routes are closed on most days, than is believable. There is a biomass generator, and right as you cross it, you will see the beautiful snow-capped mountains, littered with houses, hotels and churches, amidst the middle of a calming, mountain-rimmed plateau. It is customary to dress up, for dinner, in Lech, collect artworks, as diverse as paintings and drawings, and sell it off to the highest bidders.

The gourmet restaurants are something extraordinary here, and the business of the numerous visitors, can all claim to enjoy it very much indeed – especially, all of the amazing baked cheese dishes. The food isn’t really Austrian fusion food, so much, in the middle of contemporary art, as is the snowboards, and the people who can skilfully ride it, all winter-long. The city is home to numerous Olympic champions, so a love for sports is not too much of a far-fetched thought, as is all of the cable car rides, that often carry goods to-and-fro for all of the chalets, resorts and hotels that are there for visitors to enjoy!


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