2015 Focus film poster.png
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Nicky is an experienced conman who has hired a young girl somewhat aced in pickpocketing. They get embroiled in a racing scam but neither are aware of this yet, but danger is lurking at every corner. The con-films are rare but I am unsure as to where the writer-director duo behind boxoffice smash-hit Crazy, Stupid, Love, intends to go with this? The lightness of the film hasn’t been received well-enough at times and I can understand how the slickness aims to upstage the film’s point without any trepidation whatsover but is it really filler-content worthy? Should we label it as such for the “all-gloss” emoted through Nicky?

Besides that, one other issue that is rather discontenting is that Focus might seem like Gone in 60 Seconds-material but it really isn’t. Upon first sight, it might appear that it could be a really poor imitation of it but the truth lies in the conversations exchanged between Will Smith’s Nicky and the pickpocket he has hired – there is too much shelving out of wise ideas accumulated through trouble and not enough of gravitas to hold together a faithful working relationship.

Nicky is certainly a smooth character, made appealing by Will Smith’s grooviest moves, as can be expected off him. But that is a good thing, because this movie is more positive than some of his other works, and it is always a good idea to divide the drama from the lighthearted-con films, with clarity. There needs to be more action, more suspense, but the slick twists and turns, do work as a solid crowd-pleaser.

Film rating: 6/10.


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